Transform Waste into Power

Profitable protection of the environment with 100% renewable energy.

From 270kg of plastic waste per h

of Power every DAY
Get 0 Mw

24/7 for 340 days


Our high quality technology is operating under 24/7 regime in many countries around the world.


Our technology is designed, maintained and tested to operate under 24/7 regime for good 11 months a year. For 20 years or more.

Zero Emission

Our technology transforms plastic waste either into electric power or pertroleum products. With zero emissions.

Who we are

Excellent return on investment

The technology we offer for the conversion of plastics into energy (gas, oil and coke) was patented and certified in 2014. The technology is designed to use the produced raw materials (gas and oil) immediately, in a two-fuel engine / generator, and produce 1 MW of electricity in one hour. That is enough electricity for 200 to 300 households (by the standards of average consumption in the EU).

Or you can get diesel & petrol and gas out of it to sell with great profit.


Electricity is the future. Sell it to the grid.

Everyone will be happy with this solution


Considering many factors, investment into our technology is one of the best business decisions you can make at this moment.


Since technology does not produce emmissions you will have no problem with residental and communal aspects of your business.

Make the choice that’s good for your business and your environment

Inform yourself about the most important aspects of our technology

Basic Information

The conversion yields 70% petroleum products, 25% gas products and 5% coal dust. 70% of the final oil product is diesel and 30% is gasoline.


We supply the technology with CE and TÜV Rheinland certificates. All manufactured equipment is certified for these two systems.

Plastic or Rubber

The highest quality end products come from plastic packaging waste such as PP, PE, PA etc. However, you can also process PET plastic as well as rubber.

Operational staff

Once our technology is installed, we will train your staff to use it properly in order to maximize your profit. You may need 6-9 people for 24/7 production.

Space needed

Our technology can be installed in simple prefabricated industrial halls. Operational area needed is about 300m2 and about 6m height.

Detailed calculations

Each TK 250 machine produces approx. 1.7 million liters of diesel/petrol, 550 t of gas and 110 tons of coke per year. All these products are sold with high profit.

Our technology's winning points

We propose the technology in a full service model with centralized control, allowing maximum uptime and yield, reducing the local complexity to a minimum.

The technology has proven its efficiency, doesn’t produce any emissions and benefits from all relevant EU certificates. The core technology is patented in 170 countries globally.

The company’s reinvested in the continual development of the technology to increase the output and include other waste materials into the future production.


Steps to the solution

For all interested partners we advice the following procedure


Situation Analysis

Once we understand the nature, scope as well as technological and legal aspects of your project, we will find best solution for you.



Through our trusted partners we are able to offer you various ways of financing the development of your project tailored to your budget.



After the agreement is signed, we will help you up with technical and documentary side, in order to setup the project. Parallel to this the production is going on.


Project Launch

When all the modules are installed and tested, and your staff are trained by us to operate them, you will quickly see all the benefits of your smart investment.

Very important. EU will back up your decision.

Inform yourself about the most important aspects of EU strategies.

Green Deal

The European Green Deal strategy aims to transform our society into a modern, resource-efficient and economically competitive society.

EU Incentives

Make use of the various packages of incentives for the implementation of the Green Deal, as a direct financial leverage for various activities.

Help climate change

Applications for financial incentive instruments must meet the criteria under which the economic activity is considered to significantly contribute to the mitigation of climate change.

Take the money

The stimulus package through the Recovery and Resilience Plan includes financial incentives linked to the implementation of the Green Transition.

It's the smartest upgrade of your business


It's the smartest upgrade of your business

By transforming plastic waste into valuable electric energy or petroleum & gas, your business will reach new potentials.

Eco Technology

Our technology operates in a way to produce no emissions which means you will be able to operate it without any communal problems.

Smart Technology

We also offer also steered models with AI so that production mix is continuously adapted thanks to artificial intelligence.

Certified Expert

Our experts will provide you with data and solutions to maximize the benefit you can get from your project. We are continuously updating our systems.

Premium Support

We care about your projects and therefore offer full and responsive support team that will back you up in situations that need our help.

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